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easichick™ Bedding
easichickBeddingNov2011At Belle Bantams UK we have solidly researched and tested many bedding
products, now as a result we use only the best bedding for our poultry. We
would only provide the best to our customers and their own birds.
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easichick™  Product Information
 easichick™ is a wood-based product manufactured to a very high standard.
Our unique manufacturing technique uses state-of-the-art technology to produce
 a chip-based bedding, designed for an efficient performance that promotes the birds’ welfare and the farmer’s productivity.
easichick bedding
With the ban on the use of antibiotics, the emphasis on biosecurity is paramount in poultry production. easichick™ is one of the first bedding products to have full traceability on mould counts, yeast Salmonella and total viable counts (TVCs). Testing is recorded for all product produced, and results for each delivery are available to customers.
The easichick™ manufacturing process produces a very low dust content, fibre-chip bedding. This is unique to the poultry industry, where most other beddings are a by-product from a process (sawmills, joinery production, etc.). easichick™ has been designed in conjunction with poultry farmers, and maximises best practice, durability and cost efficiencies.
During the manufacturing process, easichick™ is treated to reduce the
bacteria levels (moulds, yeasts, etc.) and reduce the TVC to a specific level, as recommended by poultry veterinarians.
Free Range Layers,hatching eggs cambridge,bantams fenland,pekins fenland,poultry housing, belle bantamseasichick™ is guaranteed to be Salmonella and mould free, ensuring quality. No product leaves the factory until satisfactory test results have been received from the laboratory.
Key benefits *
•Very low dust content
•Zero counts for moulds, Salmonella sp., Pseudmonas, Aspergillus sp.,
Avian Influenza and Entero bacteria
•Traceable testing for all bedding produced
•High service and non-seasonal trends
•Suitable for use in most spreading equipment
•Full biosecurity from factory to delivery
•Improved thermal properties
•Reduction in topping up
•Labour saving 
•Reduced capping
•Fast recovering in extreme conditions
easichick™ is produced in a controlled, biosecure environment to ensure consistency and quality. The manufacturing process is monitored and performed under strict procedures.