Breeders of True, Rare & Ornamental Purebred Bantams, - Belle Bantams UK
We aim to provide a range of Bantams and Hatching Eggs to suit customer requirements, the variety of budgets and customer preferences. To prevent any delays, orders will be taken via the website, waiting lists and/or by telephone. 
Lemon Sablepoot Chick 5 Day Old May 2012Full payment or a deposit is required for livestock required.
Please call or email for more information on availability.

  • Brooder - This is a hen that has ceased laying to hatch a clutch of eggs. This is natural incubation.
  • Cockerel - A male from the current year's breeding, usually less than twelve months old.
  • Cock -  A male after it's first moult.
  • Day Olds - Chicks up to forty eight hours old.
  • Hen - Female chicken following her first adult moult.
  • Hatching Eggs - These are fertile eggs which may be used to hatch either with the use of a Brooder (see above) or an Incubator.
  • Point Of Lay (POL) - These are females, usually around eighteen weeks old which are about to lay their first egg.
  • Pullet - A female chicken from the current seasons breeding, usually under twelve months old.
Chocolate Frizzle Pekin Hen May 2012
We DO NOT ship our Bantams overseas. We provide local delivery, charged depending on mileage or collection only and we use reputable animal courier companies should you need them (further details supplied upon request) or you
can make transport enquiries from our Poultry Courier Services page.
We do allow the collection of Hatching Eggs and Bantams, but for Health &
Safety you will only be permitted onto the actual premises where the stock is
housed with an appointment. This is purely to a) prevent the spread of infections
and diseases from footwear and hands and to b) allow visitors time to look round in private with the one-to-one attention required to allow any details or further information to be given adequately.
Children are encouraged to visit, handle the chickens, but must be supervised at
all times. Hands must be washed prior to any handling of the poultry. NO person
is permitted to enter any of the poultry pens without a member of Belle Bantams being present. 
Appointments must be made in advance, any unauthorised visits are not adhered to. Other animals/pets must NOT be brought to the premisis. If collecting live stock, please bring a suitable cleansed container with you.
Should you be unable to make your appointment with us: please inform us.
If you have any questions prior to your visit, please just ask :)
We look forward to seeing you soon!!