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  Belle Legbar

An Introduction To Auto Sex Poultry -
The Belle Crested Cream Legbar
Parent Photo shown: Crested Cream Legbar Hen
At Belle Bantams we have now begun a new program to hatch and breed the
Crested Cream Legbar. These light beautiful birds with their Cream and Brown feathering and diluted barring are an Auto Sexing breed that was one of the
first, and most successful, Auto Sexed breeds to be created. 
They were created by a Genetics Scientist at the Cambridge (proud to say my Home Town) University Agricultural Research Department. The original cross breeding was created using Leghorns and Barred Plymouth Rocks back in 1941, which initially produced the unsuccessful Cambar.  
However, it was Michael Pease and the combination of Professor  Reginald
Punnet that continued to eventually create the Crested Cream Legbar that we
know and love today. By using the blue egg laying Cream Aracauna and the
Cream Legbars. These would produce Auto Sexed Chicks at Day Old -
whereby the males have a bright white spot on the backs of their heads whereby
the females are striped like a chipmunk and would lay blue eggs.
Parent Photo shown: Cream Legbar Cockerel

Legbars are available for Pre-Order for 2016.