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Welcome to our Duck pages. I can cherish several memories as a child feeding the ducks and swans with my parents and grandparents as we enjoyed many of our Holidays boating and camping on and around the Norfolk Broads. 

Currently at Belle Bantams UK we have a couple of varieties of Duck which we are very excited about and looking forward to breeding next season to provide Ducklings as pets. These breeds are high egg layers, very hardy and easy to keep, making ideal pets for children and families looking to enjoy the rich flavour of beautiful eggs.

Khaki Campbell Ducks
(Khaki Campbell Drake shown above)

The Khaki Campbell is a stunning looking duck in our opinion. This is a domesticated breed of duck originating in England, developed by Mrs Adel Campbell of Uley, Gloucestershire at the turn of the 20th Century. It is predominantly kept for it's high egg production. The 'Campbell Duck was introduced in 1898 and the 'Khaki' Variety introduced to the public in 1901. 
(Khaki Campbell Ducks shown above)

November 2015 sees the first introduction to our own group of 
Khaki Campbell Ducks and two Drakes, known as Morse and Lewis 
at Vale Farm. These are all sourced from some beautiful bloodlines from across Norfolk and Suffolk. 

Pekin Ducks
(Pekin Duck shown above)

These are beautiful and look like a typical childhood  story book duck with their large webbed feet, orange bill and pure white bodies. They have a curious character and are very gentle as pets. 

They have been domesticated using the wild Mallard Duck and this breed has been known to imprint itself on it's human flock.  An adult Pekin will lay on average of 200 eggs per year.

Again a domesticated breed, larger than the Campbell and used heavily in the food industry.