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  Belle Gold Top
An Introduction to Auto Sex Poultry - the Belle GoldTop
BBUK Hybrid Mixed Groupshown above: A stunning example of a GoldTop Hen with Chicks.
At Belle Bantams we are now offering autosexed Hybrid GoldTops. These are available from Day Olds onwards to Point Of Lay as well as our Rare, True and Ornamental Bantam Breeds.
These Hybrids are breeds that have been produced by ourselves at Belle Bantams UK using specifically selected pure breeds which are then bred to produce a hen which lays eggs all year round and be hardier and healthy.
Shown above: One of our Handsome Gold Silkie Bantam Cockerels.
This type of production of hen takes the best qualities of each pure bred selected chicken and mixed to produce the hybrid. They are an ideal choice for a first time chicken keeper as they are usually easy, docile and friendy.
At Belle Bantams UK we supply Hatching Eggs, Chicks, Point-of-Lay and Cockerels to many families, breeders and smallholders from many of our Belle Bantam Breeds and Autosexed Belle GoldTops. 
 Shown above: One of our Pretty Light Sussex Bantam Hens.
You are welcome to visit us, (by arrangement only) and take your time so you
can get a good indication of what you may or may not like and see how they
interact with you. 
We aim to support you through your choices, so if you are undecided on which breed suits you best, feel free to get in touch with us, where we will be happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.
Shown Above: One of the many Gold Top Chicks Hatched at
Belle Bantams in 2013

Gold Tops will be available to pre-order for 2016.
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