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Welcome to our Quail pages. August 2015 saw the arrival of our first group of Japanese Cortinex Quail. These stunning little birds were an instant hit with us 
as a family, Our youngest daughter Molly was very excited to be the first to collect the egg from the box as they were unpacked, collect them some feed and fill up their water container.

After moving into their Eglu for the rest of the Summer, we were suprised at the 
size of the eggs but also the quantity. We are looking forward to hatching Quail 
next season and so far we are continuing to provide these delicious little eggs for people to eat through our sister company Vale Farm Eggs.

December saw the arrival of a beautiful group of Button Quail. These are the smallest of the Quail and are just adorable. They have settled in very well and make the most wonderful chatter :)