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  Charges & Bookings 2015
Welcome to our Incubation Service & Hire Charges page. Below we
have listed our available equipment for Hire. The prices shown are given on the basis of the chicks being returned to us (FREE Hatching Eggs). Should you wish to keep your newly hatched chicks simply purchase your choice of hatching eggs from Karrie's Egg Basket at the time of booking your Hire Equipment.
Time Period
Hire Charge
A. Mini Eco
30 Days
£55 Chicks Returned
B. Mini Advance
30 Days
£65 Chicks Returned
C. Octagon
30 Days
£125 Chicks Returned
D. Octagon
Advance EX
30 Days
£155 Chicks Returned
 E. Incubation Service
£45 per 12 eggs
F. Humidity Pump
G. Brooder
H. Eglu Classic
Delivery, Set Up and Collection Charges
This is based on mileage radius and must be booked at the time of your equipment hire (see map details below for areas).
Band 1 - 10 mile radius
Band 2 - 20 mile radius
Band 3 - 30 mile radius
£10 each way
£15.00 each way
£20.00 each way
Booking Form
We are taking Booking Enquiries for this season, Bookings are however limited
and are subject to availability so please book as early as possible to avoid any disappointment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Booking Form