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 An Introduction To Hatching
The Wonder of Hatching
The achievement it takes for a chick to hatch from it's egg is a wonderful experience. 
I have now witnessed the process many times over as an adult and it still truly 
amazes me. I also love to see the looks on the faces of my children and their friends when they to are here to see for themselves the efforts that these tiny creatures 
make to venture into the world.
chocolate pekin chicks
shown above: Mixed Bantam Chicks
Hatching Stock
It is however worth noting that every breed of poultry has its own individual particulars that rely heavily on whether the eggs from that breeding group will be fertile or indeed hatch. These range from the Live stock themselves to their environment, what feeds they are fed on, what they are housed in and most importantly their health. Some breeds in particular are notoriously difficult to hatch or the chicks are difficult to raise either by the broody hen or at our own hands.
Making the choice to hatch your own chicks is of course the first start of the process. The next stage is to decide what you would like to hatch and for what reason. Do you want to hatch for the experience of hatching? Do you want hens that can provide you with eggs for eating? What will you do with the unwanted Cockerels should you hatch any? Do you want to hatch eggs to begin a breeding stock of your own to sell hatching eggs? Would you prefer someone else to hatch your eggs for you so you collect your chicks at a few days/weeks old?
There are of course many questions and we are here to help:
BELLE BARN - HATCHING EGGS - for all your Hatching Eggs.
HATCHING SERVICE - for us to hatch on your behalf.