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Simple Hatching Solution...
 shown above: Chocolate Frizzle Pekin Chicks 2011
... let us do it for you!!
At Belle Bantams UK we are able to hatch your chosen fertile eggs on your behalf (minimum of six eggs from our Belle Bantam breeds only). This gives an opportunity for those that do not have the time or equipment to hatch eggs themselves. Simply book your incubator space in our incubators and let us hatch them for you. Choose the breed or a mixture of breeds you wish to be hatched, then contact us to select your incubator booking time and we will incubate them for you.
               Progress And Regular Updates...               
With all of our fertile hatching eggs, they will be candled at the stated times throughout their development and you will be emailed regular progress reports of
your clutch. Again, once your clutch of eggs have hatched you will be notified by telephone/email and it is recommended that you collect your hatchlings at your earliest convenience. Eggs that have failed to hatch will be passed on to you for
your own investigations should you wish to do so.
Your Hatchlings Arrive!
Additional charges for time caring for your hatchlings will be charged on a daily
basis until onwards. Should you wish to discuss this method, please feel free to get
in touch where we will be happy to help you :)
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