Breeders of True, Rare & Ornamental Purebred Bantams, - Belle Bantams UK
  Incubation & Hire T&C's
This is the important part and the part we insist you read it carefully.
We take a great deal of care and time for our Equipment and Live Stock, we would like to trust everyone else to do the same - these are to protect
us as well as yourself.
Equipment Hire
  • The Equipment will be supplied clean and in tested working order.
  • You will also be provided with User instructions and guidance for any Equipment hired, Instructions must be returned in clean and unspoilt condition.
  • The hatching eggs will be provided from a selection of our own Breeding Groups (subject to availability) and will be fertility tested.
  • Where applicable (ie School settings etc) you will be provided with Questionnaire's and Hatch Certificates for Children to complete during and after hatching.
  • A deposit (must be cleared) for ALL equipment hired. This will be returned to you when the equipment is returned in clean working  order.
  • The hired equipment must be returned within the 30 days of receipt. The date upon which the equipment must be returned will be stated clearly when you collect or we deliver the equipment to you.
  • There will be an additional charge of £^ per day should you exceed the agreed return date.
  • A charge of £10 (retained from your initial deposit) will be applied to each item that is returned unclean.
  • Any damaged or faulty equipment will be returned to the manufacturer and the repair charges will be subtracted from your initial deposit. 
  • Non return of our equipment within the 30 day period without prior notice will result in us retaining your initial deposit in full, in addition to the hire costs already taken.
  • At the end of the Hire period we can help you with the care of your new chicks (if you have opted to purchase or you may return them to us.