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  July & August
          This is a month to be prepared for - weather wise, it can throw all manner of elements our way - from glorious warm sunshine to heavy downpours with humidity levels becoming sometimes unbearable and a few storms thrown in for good measure.
If you have young ones chirpping around the lawn be aware that a
sudden downpour can be fatal to
them, so make sure that they get somewhere safe if the weather looks
to be changing rapidly.
3wk Old Mixed Bantams Hatched 31st May 2012
If your Chicken's are regularly free ranging it is well to remember to check for eggs that have been laid in different areas as these are susceptible to attract rats, which could become an immense problem if no precautionary measures are taken.
Also Rats and Mice will be present around feed bins and bags so make it a prioritory to close up any that are opened and store away safely to prevent any encouragement of these visitors of moving in permanently for free meals.
Wing Clipping - Cut with Sharp Scissors from 'X' through to 10.You may also find that your chooks may roost elsewhere if you have larger breeds or flightly ones. You may find them in hedges or even up in trees which doesn't find 'putting the flock to bed' an enjoyable time if you have to play  'Chook Chase' in the evening. To avoid this you can clip the chicken's wings.
Keep checking the housing and Live Stock for Mites & Lice, and continue with the preventative treatments to avoid any infestations during hotter periods where they can multiply.
Black out nestboxes if you have a pessistant egg eater as well as add in fake eggs.
Remove and clean muddy water drinkers and any feed that gets wet and replace it using a protected feeder.
If you have been busy hatching through Spring this is the tiome when many of the growers begin to start to mature and young Cock's will start to test their strengths against each other.
Young Silver Laced Sebright Cock - 6wks Old June 2012
The Breeding groups will be settled in their ways - hens will be brooding their eggs and you can really enjoy them.
Keep an eye out for over heating, be prepared using parasoles and change the water drinkers at intervals during hot weather as your Chicken's will drink vast amounts.
Early hatched may begin to show red combs in advance of laying - keep them on grain for some time you can prolong the start of laying if you want your hens to lay through the winter.
Continue to provide suitable feed to slower growing growers.
Growers Mixed Bantams 6wks old June 2012
You may notice a few feathers beginning to drop as the hens that are already in full lay may start to moult. You can feed only hard grain for 3 days you can push this process of feather loss, then once they are in full moult you can give them their usual feed.
Be aware of any birds that have blood in their poo, hunched birds that do not move very far nor eat/drink. This can be caused by the damp conditions that allow protozoan to develop which causes Coccidiosis.
You may need to move the housing around to avoid killing off any grazing and resting areas where possible.