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  Belle Layers Den
Welcome to our Layers Den... this is where... if you are as yet not already aware
of just how different a fresh eggs tastes.... then this is where we introduce you to
ours and millions of other people's initial beginnings of poultry keeping.
Enjoying The Sun
We began several years ago with our laying hens and as many other people,
over 10,000 years ago it is believed, chickens have been a domesticated subspieces from the Red Jungle fowl for the purpose of providing meat and eggs. They are a benefit to us as a family and over the years many friends, family and neighbours have sampled the difference from a freshly laid egg to that of one bought from a supermarket, which, by all accounts is several days or even weeks old and no doubt also well travelled.
We went through buying free range eggs from our local supermarket, but even this was no comparison to that of our own eggs we began to collect from our
hens all those years ago! It was a joy to interact with the hens, feed and water them, watch them laying peacefully out in the summer sun and, collect the fresh eggs with the children to return to the kitchen to make a wonderful Omelet,
Cake, Biscuits, Yorkshire Pudding, more Biscuits.... :)
...and the list goes on!
We keep our Goldline laying hens and our elderly Light Sussex hen, Sugar, separately from our breeders and they are daily free ranged. This means they are housed at night for their own protection, therefore checked on and fed twice daily, housed in a secure pen for the night and released for the busy day ahead in the morning.
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So.... if you think you wouldn't know the difference between a fresh and a shop purchased egg... then why not try some, we know you will be amazed... and get baking :)
For layers eggs... please phone to order in advance to check on
Call or text: 07838 928470