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  May & June
This is the perfect time to deep clean your poultry housing. When the sun is shining and the Chickens can enjoy the garden you can get down to maintaining the housing and nest boxes to eradicate those bugs and bacteria.
Make any repairs that are necessary.
The Layers Den
We recently took the added precaution of using creosote on our wooden housing in the continued precaution against Red Mite as this seems to be the best thing to use. As much as plastic has been defined as the better alternative I personally prefer the natural look of wooden poultry housing and to us Chicken's seem to be 'more at home'. So far this year we have seen very few Red Mite (if you have Chicken's, you will have Red Mite -
just keeping them under control is the basis of good management to prevent becoming out of hand).
If, like us you have booted breeds or feathered legged birds, it is a great time to wash away the mud and grime that collects around their legs and toes.  'Toe Balls' (accumulation of bedding and muck that has shaped itself into a ball around the toe nails) should be removed carefully using your finger nail and taking great care to prevent ripping the delicate nail away which in turn can cause excessive bleeding. Dry the bird's legs off properly and never leave them alone in water.
Ugly and uncomfortable 'Toeballs' collected on a hen from damp conditions where bedding, discarded feed and feaces has collected around the toenails.
Move mobile poultry housing to
fresher grass to rest over exposed areas and muddy places.
Wash and disinfect feeders and drinkers taking care that algae is not permitted to build up as this can prove fatal.
Begin to collect eggs more regularly - 2-3 times a day to prevent the eggs being eaten or becoming dirty. Also taking them away sooner rather than later is a good preventative if you do
not wish your hens to become broody.
Over heated Chicken's can become stressed and therefore become susceptible to many illnesses. These in turn may cause a lower egg production which if like us you are running various breeding programs or selling hatching eggs can be a huge downfall.
As much as it is nice to allow your chooks room to get out and sun bathe it is equally important for them to have enough shade to remove themselves from the heat. A Chicken that is spread out with legs and wings out stretched is trying to keep cool - so you may want to move the run.
Ensure fresh, clean water and suitable feed is provided to give them the best balanced diet they require for their purpose.
You may find a hen that has become broody, you can either leave her be to hatch the eggs she is on,  switch them out and pop under her some preferred hatching eggs off your choice or remove her completely to break the cycle.
One of our Broody Salmon Pekin Hens
Keep a vigil on Mites & Lice using recognised products. Treat throughout Spring and Summer even
if you can't see them.
If in May you have not been able to disinfect your poultry house - get it done fairly soon making sure every area is cleaned thoroughly and each joint is clear of bugs.
Mature fox cubs are about now so be more vigilant with fencing and repairs.
Mature Fox cubs looking for an easy meal - protect your Flock at all cost - you will lose them if you don't.
Although it is getting hot try to avoid giving the Chickens very cold water as this can cause shock and illness.