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  Month By Month Caring For Poultry
When I began with Chickens I was immediately taken by how complicated or as equally simple it can be depending on how involved you wanted to get. From the choice of breed, type of housing, feeding routine and just so much more, the list
goes on and and on.....
 As we tend to keep many different types of Chickens from our tiniest Bantams
the Serama's to our bigger Hybrid's, the Goldbelle's, we have noticed that each
of them have different needs although the basics needs for all are the same -
Shelter, Protection, Company, Good Health and appropriate Feed & Water facilities.
Here we have put together some Month By Month care notes to help you throughout the year to make those all importmant checks and do those jobs to 
ensure you have happy chooks and to keep them at their best no matter what the weather throws at us and them!
If you have any questions or need some advise or further details simply complete
the form below where we will be happy to help you :)
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