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  November & December
Take this month to reflect on your year, what you have done, what you have achieved and look for what you may wish to change or introduce for next year.
Many Garden Chooks are controlled by whatever the weather may be doing and as a result you will have more time on your hands as they spend less time outside.
Check for holes in fences and rat holes, keep feeds and grains securely out of temptation.
Use straw or bark to place around the housing to prevent mud from being taken inside.
Where possible place the bedding deeper to offer them a larger area to scrap around.
(We stock *easichick for collection)
Keep up with repairs and do any as soon as you see them rather than leave it as a change in weather conditions can soon make a smaller problem into a much bigger one.
With the excitement of Christmas and the nearing festivities this month give some thoughts to the Chickens that are having to cope with the elements outside.
This is a time when (unless you encourage your chickens to lay again now using artificial lighting) they can recharge their batteries and rest their insides. Chickens eggs are 'numbered' which, if you encourage your hens to lay more effectively means that their life will be shorter. Pullets may be coming into Lay and Silkies often start laying again in December.
Feed extra grains as they spend more time in the dark - this will help them get through it safely and be kept warm - feed soaked warm oats as a treat.
This is when we use Oats - warmed which is a great way of providing some warmth. It is great also for youngsters that need a little extra help with growth.
Check for repairs, draughts, holes, leaking roofs and any cracks from frost and make any necessary adjustments needed.
Try not to let them out during very bitter windy and wet weather as this can have a dramatic affect on your Chicken's Health.