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  Belle Pekin Bantams
These are a popular and a comical little breed of bantam often referred to as the 'tea cosey' due to their dumpiness and lowness to the ground. They are 
shorter than the average bantam, sometimes only 20-30cm high. They are a rounded pretty breed and 
suitable for first time poultry keepers. The pekin is a friendly sociable breed and very docile.
Cuckoo Frizzle Pekin Cockerel (Parent Photo)
They have been known to many countries as the Miniature Cochin or Cochin Bantam even though the 'Pekin' is in itself a separate breed even though the two share similar origins. Buff Pekins were first by the British Army from Peking (Beijing) in 1860. 

White Frizzle Pekin Cockerel
BBUK Pekin Bantam Breeds:
White (Frizzle & Smooth)
Lemon & Lemon Cuckoo
Lavender & Lavender Cuckoo
Cuckoo (Frizzle & Smooth)
Chocolate (Frizzle & Smooth)
Lemon Cuckoo Cockerel 2011  This breed is renowned for being the garden 'pet' as the feathering around 
their feet prevents excessive damage to the garden and they are great at 
removing any unwanted bugs. They
are a compact breed with extremely soft feathers, the stiffer ones being of those on their legs, which are barely visible. Once again, the Pekin is a breed that requires clean and dry conditions due to feathered feet. 
Millefleur Pekin Hen 2011
I have found that their cheeky characters demand attention and often find one or another following me around for a cuddle! They are available in many colours and frizzled variety. They are extremely good sitters and are known to be broody. They are in great demand for rarer colours.
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