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The Poland or Polish is a breed that when I first saw them wondered if they came with a hairdryer to help with the look! They are not a True Bantam breed as there is a larger breed of the same name, they are however from the Ornamental group of distinct breeds.It is suggested that this breed is one of the oldest in existence and was around before the Romans. 
Frizzled Chamois Poland/Polish Cockerel 2011In the United States this ornamental breed is known as the Polish, but in Britain the Poland. Despite how the name would initially suggest it doesn't have a direct link with Poland, but the possibility of originating from the Netherlands and France.
The name does however have strong reference and it is thought to have derived from the word 'polled' or 'Poll' which is an old middle English word defined as 'top of the head' and due to the bird's head shape, skull and reference also to it's huge crest. This may then have developed into 'Poland' or 'Polish'
Chamois Polish Pair May 2012
Many owners of these birds including myself, do not keep them for eggs, but their looks and fun personalities. The breed is a strong, bold and energetic one and provide a great deal of fun. There are bearded, non-bearded, smooth and frizzle and also the choice of more than ten colour variations!  
The crest can be that of the same colour as the rest of the bird or white. They are sometimes referred to as the Crested Dutch. Females tend to have a rounder crested appearance whereas males tend to be more 'pointed' and unkept. 
BBUK Poland Breeds:
Silver Laced (Frizzle & Smooth)
Chamois (Frizzle & Smooth)
White (Frizzle & Smooth)
White Crested Blue (Av 2016)
White Crested Black (Av 2016)
Smooth Silver Laced Polish Hen 2011  The Poland is an exhibition favourite and it has soft feathers. They have a friendly nature, make good pets, but it is not recommended that the Poland be kept in a mixed flock due to the possibility of other breeds taking advantage of their large crest and therefore creating bullying. Despite these huge crests it has no affect on theirability to see downwards towards their food source!
Smooth Silver Laced Polish/Poland Cockerel 2012
 This breed was used in France to breed with other breeds to aid the production of larger eggs. They are a very striking looking bird, and although a reasonable egg layer during the summer months they are generally kept for their appearance and 
easy handling.
There are Large Fowl and Bantam Fowl available in this breed. A great favourite of ours, and one of our specialties is the 'Frizzle' variety (shown). This is when the feathers curl forwards. As with the Silkie, the Poland should be cared for in dry conditions.
Silver Laced Polish Day Old Chick May 2012
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