Breeders of True, Rare & Ornamental Purebred Bantams, - Belle Bantams UK
Postage & Packaging
Our Hatching Eggs are dispatched using 'Signed For' First Class Delivery using Royal Mail. We retain details of your parcel so we can be sure that your Eggs were delivered to you.
We Dispatch Hatching Eggs Monday to Thursday to avoid overnight or weekend storage in postal depots which could result in damaged eggs.
As the majority of our breeds are rare and of high quality bloodlines, we endeavour to continue with the highest level of viability to hatch as possible. Your hatching
eggs will be packeged boxes which are designed for the purpose of protecting
your eggs.
NEW BBUK Packaging
At Belle Bantams UK we now use the NEW 160mm Rigid, Recycled Cardboard Egg Mailing Boxes. These are specially designed for sending Hatching Eggs by post. 
The Box itself has an Anti-Tamper closing system with small ventilation perforations which cannot be probed without causing obvious damage and are quickly sealed using Cable Ties rather than Tape.
The Box can be re-used for the transportation of Chicks/Ducklings
Environmentally Friendly
This attractive purpose designed packaging:
Reduces Landfill
Is Re-useable
Is Biodegradable
Unlike Polystyrene Boxes it is:
Screen Printable
Flat Packable for Storage
You can send different sized Eggs in the same Box!
To order your hatching eggs directly from our website got to:
Telephone Enquiries/Orders are welcome: 07838 928470
Selling hatching eggs warns that fertility can be affected by conditions/treatment through the postal system which are obviously beyond our control.
Incubation conditions are critical and also beyond our control.
Due to these conditions we cannot offer refunds or replacements for
damaged or undeveloped eggs.
So please do not assume that the eggs were not fertile if you get a disappointing hatch.
At Belle Bantams we strongly recommend that you collect  hatching eggs
where possible. We can guarantee the fertility of our eggs as regular hatching
from our breeding groups is undertaken each season to ensure the fertility of
each of our resident Cockerels.
However, sending hatching eggs through a postal service is risky as it can have detrimental effects to the viability and level of hatch rate. Needless to say we have had extremely high levels of hatch rates from hatching eggs that we have both purchased and sent out in the last three years.
Should you be in a position to collect your eggs in person you are more than welcome to do so. This gives you an opportunity to look around at our breeding groups, have a chat and discuss any issues you may have. Collections of Hatching Eggs must be made by appointment only and are subject to availability.
Important Advisory...
Upon collection/delivery, our eggs will be unwashed - this is highly important to maintain viability.
 We suggest that you allow the eggs to settle for 24 hours, pointy end down,
before incubation or placing under your broody hen.