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Welcome to our Poultry Saddle page where you can take the first
important step to protecting your hens during the months ahead when your
Cockerel is at his most active.When I was first told about poultry saddles, I
laughed, it seemed impossible that there could be any chance that a chicken could seriously wear a saddle.

However it turned out that Poultry Saddles are an invaluable peice of
equipment used by many Poultry Keepers and Breeders. Without using saddles
the Cockerel is capable of causing severe damage and even death if there is a particular Hen that the Cockerel chooses to continually mount.
At Belle Bantams we have used Poultry Saddles for many years and we have noted the imense difference that they make over this period of the laying season. We have also seen from experienec the extent of damage that can occur should you choose not to use them.
It isn't pleasant to have to segregate the injured Hens and spend time on
Health & Hygeine methods to renew this damage. Not to mention if there is 
such damage that takes time to heal it could be difficult to integrate her back into the original group.
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Poultry Saddle Detail Label
Please Note:
Our Belle Poultry Saddles are Copyright protected
and may not be copied or sold in any form.
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Our Poultry Saddles are handmade from a heavyweight cotton waterproof
& rotproof canvas in various sizes and a choice of two colours. They have corded backs to aid your cockerel to keep a grip. Edged with a soft
cotton mix binding. They have adjustable wing straps, with locktight cam
buckle fastening, this enables you to adjust the wing strap so they fit snug,
and do not come loose.
PS locktight cam buckle fastening
You will be provided with fitting instructions with your Poultry Saddle.
Follow the simple fitting stages here: FITTING ROOM
EXTRA SMALL Pultry Saddle
width 5.5", length 5" example: SEBRIGHT, SABLEPOOT, JAPANESE, BELGIAN
Price: £7.00
SMALL Poultry Saddle
width 7", length 5.5" example: SILKIES, PEKINS
Price: £7.75
MEDIUM Poultry Saddle
width 7", length 6.5" example: HYBRID
Price: £8.25
LARGE Poultry Saddle
width 8", length 7" example: WYANDOTTE L/F
Price: £8.50
EXTRA LARGE Poultry Saddle
width 8.5", length 7" example: ORPINGTON L/F
Price: £8.75