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  Belle Sablepoot/Booted Bantams
These beautiful Bantams are one of my favourite breed. They have been believed to have been kept in the Netherlands from the 17th century. They are a solid, compact birds that carry themselves proudly with their heads carried further back with 
a high chest.  
Porcelain Sablepoot Hen 2012
They are refered to as a 'Booted' Bantam due to the vast amount of feathering produced from their hocks. This amount of feathering is a gardener's ideal breed as they are unable to do a great deal of damage to prized borders! This does however mean that cleanliness is a must as their feathering on the feet can become dirty, dusty and susceptible to becoming stuck together with the matting of muck.
Stunning feather Millefleur pattern of the Sablepoot Bantams
Their docile, sociable attitude won my heart along time ago! They are a hardy breed and flightless which makes them an ideal first breed. Another factor with the Booted Bantams is the good production of eggs during laying season. They can be hard to rear as many of them, despite being known as sitters, are not necessarily going to do so! Many colours available although some are very rare.
Silver Millefleur Sablepoot Cockerel
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Lemon Sablepoot Bantam Hen
The Booted Bantam or Sablepoot is a True Bantam, this means that there is no large variety of this breed as it has naturally occurred. It is a very proud breed, the male weighs 30oz, the female around 27oz. This breed is named from it's long stiff quill feathers growing from its hock joint. This factor is the recognised characteristic of the breed. Because of the feathering on their feet they cause very little damage to gardens and plants.
  Porcelain Sablepoot Pair 2011
They are a short compact breed, some varieties are very rare. They must be kept clean, as with previous breeds, dry conditions are essential to protect them from wet and muddy conditions. They lay particularly well in the summer months. Although often noted as being 'reliable sitters', not all the varieties of the Booted Bantam can be relied upon. The cockerels in particular are a stunning site as they strut their handsome selves around the garden, their content attitude makes them a favourite with many groups.
Lemon Sablepoot Hens 2011
They are a docile breed and can be happy in smaller housing, but enjoy having the ability to free range. The Booted Bantams are again flightless birds, however with all breeds it doesn't mean that housing and runs should be skimped on as protection from predators is a must with every breed.