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  Belle Sebright Bantams
These birds are the creation of a selective breeding program created in the 19th century, over 200 years ago by Sir John Saunders Sebright.
This was the first breed to have an enthuisiast club named after it in around 1810 and they were
placed in poultry shows soon after
their creation. 
Gold Laced Sebright Bantam Pair They lay tiny white eggs, and are difficult to breed. All Sebrights have laced plumage edged with black.
They have slate blue skin on their legs which are unfeathered.
Gold Laced Sebright Chick
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Gold Laced Sebright Bantams
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Silver Laced Sebright Cockerel  The Sebright Bantam when viewed in a book or on the pages of a website can not be judged purely on their nature and beauty compared 
to the actual bird, it is a true stunner. 
 It is a favourite breed amongst many people ranging from exhibitioners, 
hobbyists and families alike. 
Silver Laced Sebright Bantam Pair 2012
Until I saw these pretty birds in person I did not have the true appreciation of them. They are immensely tame and trustworthy, totally confident and have a respectful manner which is enthralling. They are truly handsome and are a wonderful breed and a quality to colour anybody's garden!
Silver Laced Sebright Chick 2012