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  September & October
Now is when things start to slow down and weather changes can be unpredictable from warm sunny periods to storms.
Stormy Skies appear over a Wheat Field
The Chooks will begin to slow laying and may still be moulting.
Now is a good time to worm your Livestock with a known product.
Another chance to clean down the Housing thoroughly to make sure no bugs and mites are hidden away to attack your hens during the cooler months when they are less able to fight them off. Spay in the joints and crevices to make sure you have everywhere covered - check perches.
Begin to lock away your Chicken's earlier once it starts to become darker earlier in the evening and be mindful not to leave anyone out.
Look out for birds that are sniffling - If you have used ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) through the year this is a preventative.
Vegetable Produce
If you happen to have a vegetable patch - move the birds to that area where they can weed it and fertalise it for you ready for next years produce!
Move your Growers to the housing to where you want them to start laying, make sure they have plenty to eat.
Continue your preparations for the winter months ahead, check housing
for repairs, roofing for leaks, air vents for blockages, fencing for breaks and holes and look out for the windy
weather that can damage the strongest of structures. Ensure that the
Chooks are draught free and bug
free by cleaning thoroughly.
Allow the chooks to make the most of the available light.
In the evening scatter corn on the bedding to get the hens to scratch around - this will keep 'movement' in the bedding and prevent it from clumping togther - muck out and remove excessive wet or dirty areas.
Although your hens may still be out roaming the garden and vegetable patch there are fewer bugs around to eat so make sure they have access to feed at all imes to compensate for this drop in nutrtion.
Fresh Free Range Large Eggs from our Goldbelle's at Belle Bantams UK
It is not unheard of for egg prices to rise at this time of year so if you do have hens still in lay you may be the only one that has fresh eggs for sale :)