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The Silkie, or as Marco Polo first described them as a breed with 'hair like a cat' in 1928 was in fact proved 
to have actually been in existence for much longer as records from China show the breed being used in 
medicine. It is a peculiar looking 
breed and in itself is unique. It has black skin and also has dark flesh, 
five toes, feathered legs and the feathersthemselves have no barbs which is apparent in all other breeds 
of poultry. 
White Non Bearded Bantam Silkie Cockerel
Without barbs the feathers are not held together and therefore give the appearance of fluff. The big downfall with this breed and the lack of barbs is that it means the Silkie Bantam is completelysusceptible to the weather conditions by being non-waterproof. This is a disadvantage and more care and attention must be made to ensure they are in clean,
dry condition at all times.
White Non-Bearded Bantam Silkie Hens
Despite this our resident White Non-Bearded Bantam Silkie trio are often happily scrapping around in a boggy lawn during the wet weather despite their housing being open constantly. Just goes to show they don't read the same books as we do!!! 
 Silkies are 
available in a variety of colours and also in Bearded and Non-bearded.
BBUK Silkie Breeds:
White Bearded Bantams
White Bearded Miniatures
Black Silkie Bantams (Av 2015)
Miniature White Bearded Silkie POL 2011
What else can be said about the Silkie? It is considerably smaller than any 'bantam' breed of chicken in comparison and as a result
the larger standard is mistaken 
for the Bantam and the actual bantam version of this breed, standardised in 
Britain in 1993, is often referred to as 'mini'. There is now a miniature version 
in development and which we are proud to say we do also breed. 
 The Silkie has thought to have been around for hundreds of years and when you first encounter a Silkie you are immediately aware of their uniqueness.
I know it was the first thing that struck me and also my children and first got us addicted to Bantams!
Mixed Silkie Chicks 2010
This breed is renowned for it's calm characteristics and above all else it's broodiness. The Females  seem to spend their entire lives, if allowed, to hatch eggs! Many people breed the Silkie with other breeds that are less interested in motherhood to try to create a 'mothering' version of that particular breed.
The Silkie is also known for continuing to lay eggs during the winter, long after other breeds have ceased laying. They have a docile temperament and are a favourite breed for children and adults alike. 
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