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Terms & Conditions of Sale for Hatching Eggs
  • Do not remove identifying marks or discard packaging or damaged goods.
  • Complaints can only be considered upon return of the eggs, unbroken, in the original packaging for inspection purposes. Please obtain a free certificate of posting from the Post Office Counter.
  • The carrier is regarded as responsible for any breakages in transit, and any claim upon them will require production of the damaged goods and packaging. Please report any obvious damage to the carrier at the time of delivery.
  • Our Eggs are supplied clean 'as laid'. We do not wash them prior to posting as this can reduce fertility and is unnecessary for natural incubation. You may wish to sanitise the eggs for artificial incubation, but please note: that the Identification Stamps are water soluble and therefore NO replacement eggs will be provided should these Stamps be removed.
  • Candle all eggs between 7 and 10 days from the start of incubation, and report any incidence of low fertility to us. If you have less than 50% showing development at this stage, you may return the failed eggs to s immediately, unbroken and in the original packaging for examination. If we accept that we are at fault, free replacements will be provided upon receipt of your payment for the postal costs only.
  • Replacements will NOT be provided for eggs reported infertile more than 14 days after dispatch or those that are withheld from examination by the buyer.
  • No Refunds are given under any circumstances due to the risks entailed with Hatching Eggs.
  • No Guarantee of fertility is given or implied. Egg fertility is intangible until 7-10 days of incubation. Every effort is made to ensure that our Hatching Eggs are fertile at the time of dispatch and great care is taken when packaging. However the BUYER must accept that the transportation, egg washing, handling and Incubation procedures may SIGNIFICANTLY reduce fertility of the Hatching Eggs AFTER their dispatch and is therefore beyond our control and not our responsibility.
  • Placing an order through us for Hatching Eggs implies the BUYER'S ACCEPTANCE of the above TERMS & CONDITIONS and is in agreement with the POSTAL Charges set by us.