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  Belle Wyandotte Bantams

Barred Wyandotte Bantams

This breed originated in the United States they are a docile breed and were kept for their brown eggs and meat. they are popular show birds and as pets are a superb option due to 
their fantastic character.

They range in so many different 
colours and are available in Large 
Fowl and as Bantams.

Barred Wyandotte Bantams
Salmon Wyandotte Bantams

Salmon Wyandotte Bantams

We are currently growing on a stunning group of Salmon Wyandotte 
Bantams. These will be part of our Breeding program for next season.

This particular group is very friendly, often we go in the stable to be perched on as one of the young hens flaps her way up our backs to sit on a shoulder or arm!
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