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  Saturday 19th March 2011
BelleFreeRoamers - 19.03.2011
Another busy day in glorious sunshine :) been a very good day at Belle Bantams UK. The first poultry house was put into place this afternoon. I am honestly so tired and yet am still so excited with the progress that I have to continue!!
BelleLodge-Loft -WPekinResidents - 19.03.2011The chooks, the White Pekins, on this occasion were the first to sample the housing, and by all accounts were very impressed with being able to go inside and have a nesting area. Needless to say this prototype has thrown up a few issues that have had to and will be ironed out. It will be several months more before plans, the completion of each design and of course the complete works of the grounds here finished, but it's the fact that time, effort and patience will eventually pay off and we will be there!
Over the last week I have painted up Poppy House. It was in a cream but was beginning to look spoilt by the weather. To tie in with the rest of the plans for the garden it was decided that it should be re-treated. It certainly took some brushing down and the windows were certainly over due a clean. Some reorganising inside has given the chooks, ferrets and us more room to move around.
LayersDen-Ground Prep - 19.03.2011
The groundworks for the layers pen has been a further project, which die to todays events has been suddenly put on hold. It was to be at least in temporary state by tomorrow for the arrival of the new girls. We are taking on 6 rehomed Goldlines which are around 10 weeks old. These will be our laying hens for which will be used for food and baking :)
Alongside this project is the refurbishment of a delightful coop which we aquianted when some friends of ours left the village. It will be the new home for the girls once moved into position. So far, as with the groundworks it has been a slow progress. More of this area will of course be done tomorrow probably whilst our new baby girls become used to the garden.
LayersDen-RefurbHouse - 19.03.2011
It needs a great deal of work, the old wire
that ran around the bottom as part of the run was pretty difficult to remove.
The felt will also be stripped off, any framing that has since rotten or broken will be strengthened or replaced and our own sourced replacement tiled roofing will be added. It will then be a case of using what materials we have to make the completed run, treat it all and add a full roof to protect the residents for the delightful british weather during the winter and provide sufficient shade for the summer.

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