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Autumn 2011 - Part One

Autumn 2011 - PART ONE

Its wonderful to be able to post after a few months of being busy!! So much to say.Many of our groups have now stopped laying so this gives us the opportunity
to catch up and continue with maintenance work, introduce new stock and get things in place for next year!!!

We have continued to build the new pens and work had begun on the roof for the growers pen which had so far made do with sheets of roofing and tarpauline, but thankfully the weather had been kind enough!

With all the growers now in their official breeding groups and excess stock sold on to pastures new it gave us a chance to clean, disinfect and close up the LayersDen for another year. Dudleys group and the 6 Layers have all moved into the Growers Pen for the winter.
They are enjoying the trips out in the garden during the sunny days and hiding away from the wet but still being able to scrap around!

The work and completion of the new pens has taken some time to do but we are finally there. Just a matter of adding the nestboxes with the shelving and we will finally be organised for next Spring :)

We have been very fortunate to have hatched and grown on some very beautiful  birds this year and we are all very excited with what next year will bring.
The waiting lists are also growing and we aim to bring people up to date with hatches as they happen.

Our groups have thoroughly enjoyed their vegetables, especially pumpkin this autumn too. In particular, DelBoy (shown here). After he and his good lady had eaten the pulp they had managed to turn the skin over and found pleasure in using it as a perch for the afternoon and was very vocal when I popped out later that evening to remove the left overs!!!

Cabbage, Apple, Pear, Brocolli and much more has been
on the menu including a morning breakfast consisting of warm mash and oats.

We have a new addition to our family :) her name is Polo - she is Crystal's daughter and we have now decided to retire both Crystal and Jenna from parenthood. They are both recovering from their operations as we speak and in all fairness don't seem very happy with us at the moment!! 

The weather has been great and being able to allow
our groups some time out in the garden is lovely to
see and clearly appreciated by the sounds they make!.
Also makes a great opportunity to take some up to
date photos of some of our chooks :)

For additional care advice this Autumn & Winter
please see our Belle 'Banter' Newsletter this season or feel free to get in touch.

We have updated our website - as you can see and it seems to have gone down very well - especially the navigation menu as this appears to be easier and much clearer for people to use. Thank you to everyone in the last week for your input
and messages - they are gratefully received.

We now have a Belle GUEST BOOK for you to leave your feedback :D

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